Hello! I am Krishnapriya,

I wanted to be in a creative field even before I understood the dictionary meaning of creativity. I am an Indian by birth, and grew up in New Delhi; the capital city of India. Design and creativity color most of my childhood memories. My father; a professional artist, is the most passionate designer I know. As a child, I sat beside him for hours, watching him design book covers and elaborate publication projects that captured my attention with their complexity of creative detail. He is the biggest inspiration behind my choice of a creative career. He instilled within me not only the desire to practice design in every aspect of life, but also showed how to do it with disciplined ease.

After completing high-school, choosing a career path was not a struggle for me. I have always known what I wanted to do. I had aimed for a bachelors degree in fine art (BFA); which I earned in 2003 from Delhi College of Art, India. Final results, awards and encouragement further strengthened my conviction to become a designer. I considered pursuing a master’s degree in design immediately after my BFA but was unable to clear the entrance exam of my chosen institution. I joined advertising and it felt like stepping into an ocean. It was intimidating at first, but within a year it grew on me so much so that I shelved the idea of studying further. 

I spent eight years in advertising; and worked with some of the best and brightest talents known in Indian advertising. There were great days and not so great days in those eight years, but with every day came an insight that shaped my professionalism. I earned a reputation of delivering smart, clean design solution for my clients. The aspect of advertising that interested me most was design process involved in the art direction of brand campaigns. I art directed several photoshoots, campaigns and packaging designs for brands such as Kentucky Fried Chicken, Vodafone and LG. During the execution of these projects I often questioned my knowledge about the principles of design. And that desire to understand what makes a good design work has shadowed every design decision I have made. I am following through on that desire now.

Ever since I shifted my base to San Francisco, I wanted to work here in the design industry. In a city that can make a strong case to being the design capital of the world, it took some time to figure out how to achieve my goals. I joined Academy of Art (AAU) in summer 2014. A formal MFA degree in Graphic Design should provide me with a right mix of skills and awareness. I wish to do all I can to not just earn a degree but a well-earned degree in the field of design. And to eventually start practicing design just like my father expected me to do. When I am not a professional, I am a mother and a wife who loves cooking comfort food. I enjoy laughing out aloud at the silly antics of my son and love dreaming about a brighter, better designed future.

Thank you!

Resume 2016